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EasySolar on Dave Ross blog

If you are interested in the solar energy, and want very much to understand family and enterprise install solar energy photovoltaic systematic cost, benefit and design, also or you are a solar energy photovoltaic expert, looking for the tool helping you to work more, then the utility program of this new is your best choice, you only need to download it to your intellectual mobile phone or dull and stereotyped computer.

EasySolar will put out their new utility program soon, and claim it is as & ldquo; Utility program & rdquo of the cloud technical design solar energy hydropower station of first application; . Now, EasySolar puts out the trial edition for subscribing, can have a free trial for three months after the registration of users.

The situation about the registration page of EasySolar is not very detailed yet, and this new utility program has not been shown in employing the shop yet either. But as far as we know, it will consider realizing by picture, map and drawing there are visual solar energy photovoltaic systems in fictitious designs of the solar battery. The utility program that EasySolar introduce it is said, include the intersection of project management and characteristic, irradiate database and label the intersection of photovoltaic and the intersection of array and ability of size fast. You can calculate the possible solar energy output power in the proposal plan by it.

The following is that EasySolar is pushing two sectional drawings specially released above, but it’s a pity that there is not more detailed information:

“ This is the first innovative software used for designing the photovoltaic system, user’s all right Select BY follows one’s inclinations to use at any time. ” –EasySolar

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