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Solar Sales: Make sure you know your customer expectations

Are you wondering how to boost your solar sales? The first step is always to get to know your customers.

It is important to always look at the PV system sales from customer’s point of view. Most interesting aspects of solar system for your customers will be usually:

1. PV system cost

Since photovoltaic systems has not yet become a widely accessible product, the most interesting topic for your customer is a PV system cost. It also includes payback time.

2. Module efficiency

Your customer can ask you about the efficiency of solar energy conversion. You should put it into their language, explaining what is going to be the yearly prouction in kWh of their PV system.

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3. Reliability

Solar sales should be also based on technical expertise. You should explain that modules can operate for 25 up to 30 years nowadays. What’s more it easy to predict the presence of solar resource.

Solar is actually more reliable then any other renewable technology.

Make sure you are prepared to present those features to your client. In some cases, you will also need to get into some technical details.

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It is also really worth asking your customer why he got interested in solar systems in the fist place and what are their expectations. Among your customers you will meet people who want to earn on selling electricity, others who will be extreme ecologist or hobbysts. Learn to recognize those profiles. 

Do they want to save up on energy bills?
Do they want to be ecologically friendly?
Do they want to make their home energy-independent?

Once you know the answer, you can tell your customer why their system will be able to fulfill all those expectations.  Make sure you show an individual approach to them and adapt your presentation to their personal needs.

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