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Cloudy day performance

Usually customers are quite sceptical about their future system performance on overcast weather.

“Panels do not produce in cloudy ea
ter”- this is the myth that you have to break.

Cloudy day performance

Advances in photovoltaic technology are being made all the time and modules deliver the highest level of output in all extremes of climatic conditions.

Of course, the most favourable weather for production would be clear sky, cool temperature and having vertical rays on solar modules. Fortunately, photovoltaics absorbs not only visible light spectrum but also utilizes different wavelenghts that pass through clouds on overcast days.

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Under diffuse light conditions, panels would produce less, but this amount can still fulfill consumers’ requirements. Depending on the technology applied, modules performance in low irradiation conditions will be better or worse. Since panel characteristics are tested thouroughly tested, also low-light condition
performance can be verified very easily.

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