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Solar Sales: Share your expertise

Never assume that your customers know everything about photovoltaics. They might  have done some research but they still count on your knowledge as you are the expert. Make sure you give them information not only about the advantage of your products  but also about the technology itself.

Share your expertise so that your customers can understand the real benefits of solar technology

They need a confirmation that this is a reliable technology that adapts to different conditions.

Example 1:  Did they realize that partial shading can be dangerous?

Tell them about it and don’t forget to mention that modules are equipped with by-pass diodes which prevent negative consequences of partial shading.

Example 2: Did they know that due to voltage level, humidity and temperature modules are subjected to Potential Induced Degradation?

Tell them about anti-PID protection.

Example 3: Did they know that their system will nevel produce less energy than it is given in data sheet for STC?

Mention them what  positive tolerance is.

Example 4:  Did they know that modules absorb much more solar beams than they reflect?

Make sure they are familiar with ARC coating definition.

Don’t be afraid they will not able to understand technical details. As you can see, there are numerous reasons to choose solar, you know it- make sure your customers know it too!