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Solar Sales: The best inverter – how to look for it?

Inverter’s efficiency is one of the most important factor that should affect our choice. The total efficiency defines in what extent the device will convert the AC into DC. But apart from the efficiency, continuous work and reliability are also crucial.

While verifying the efficiency it is also important how the temperature changes could possibly affect this efficiency. The total efficiency will mean not only conversion efficiency as well as the adaptation of maximal power point. The latter one will be measured by comparing the power available from DC with the one absorbed by the device. Thanks to that, we receive the information about static MPP tracking. The conversion efficiency is measured based on output and input energy.


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It is important to remember that inverter effficiency that is given in technical data sheet for the designed power and will result much lower in smaller powe load conditions, for instance:  with 10% load, the efficiency will oscillate around 85-95% and with the 90% load, the efficiency will be equal to 90-96%.

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Apart technical data sheet  parameters verification, it is useful to have a look on rankings, like those based on research held and regularly published by Photon Lab. In January’s 2014 ranking the best results were given by SMA STP 2000 TLHE-10, Refusol 020k SCI and Growatt 2000-TL3-HE. But caution- those lists were ordered according to the best performance under certain conditions. Therefore, depending on the location of new project, we have to analyze if we need inverters that work best under high or low radiation conditions.

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