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PV-MAGAZINE: New feature of EasySolar app: design on image

New design-on-image app simplifies rooftop installation planning.

EasySolar has activated a new tool in its PV design app. The Design-on-image feature allows users to place modules on 3D objects quickly and simply, which makes it a good solution for pitched roof design and residential solar sales.

It takes just few clicks to select a roof outline, adjust dimensions and add or remove modules to get a 3D visualisation. Modules appear semi-transparent, making it possible to detect setbacks and keep out regions and switch modules off where they fail. EasySolar app also gives smooth transition from 3D to 2D projection.

Cloud technology enables seamless communication between mobile devices used for PV designs from one account. App user can shoot a photo using their smartphone during a site visit, add it to new project and finish preparing customer proposals on their computer.

In EasySolar app, sophisticated tools from photovoltaic sotware are more accessible than ever. Rather than providing complex data that a customer doesn’t need, it shows just the key results: system design and its rentability.

Other features of EasySolar are design-on-map and design-on-sketch tools. Additionally, mobile apps are equipped with the in-built measurement tools to verify the azimuth and pitch of the roof as well as to perform shading simulation.

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