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PV system on football stadium

There are over 12,000 football stadiums installed all over the world in more than 224 countries. Even those with the most sophisticated shapes are great object to use for photovoltaic plants. See some of the PV plants designed in EasySolar app.

Brazil invests in solar stadiums

It’s incredible that all stadiums in Brazil have more PV power than certain countries in total. The largest plant among Brazilian stadiums was built on Estádio Nacional Mané Garrincha (2,4 MWp power). Estadio Mineirão in Belo Horizonte proudly presents the plant of 1,4 MWp, Itaipava Arena in Recife 1,4 MWp and famous Maracana in Rio – 500 kWp. The PV system in Recife produces 1,5 GWh a year. It is enough to cover 30% of its energy demand when the stadium is being used.

PV system on football stadium can help making it rentable

The main problem of costly investments like football stadiums construction is their general profitability in the next years. Apart from getting a title sponsor and tickets from football matches, stadiums can make money from concerts or exhibitions as well as from renting offices. Nevertheless, during most of the year, stadiums are empty and they are simply not rentable. Savings on energy and having a possibility of selling energy to the grid (thanks to photovoltaics) could be actually a great opportunity for many stadiums.

One of the biggest stadiums in the world powered with solar energy is the one in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Its construction was covered with 8,844 photovoltaic modules that supply stadium in energy in 75%.

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