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PV design on NASA building

The Vehicle Assembly Building, is a part of Kennedy Space Centre, and it’s one of the largest buildings in Florida. 

This is were the NASA vehicles are mounted. The location of the object makes it a perfect place to mount photovoltaic modules.

PV design on rooftop

Covering small part of VAB rooftop with photovoltaic modules of 245 Wp power, creating a 209,48 kWp power plant would give annual production of energy equal to 319,07 MWh a year helping to avoid emission of 118,38 tonnes of CO2.

In EasySolar PV design, this system was equipped with 200 kW inverter. The selected part of roof was covered by 855 modules on Google Map design method, occupying  1,427 square meters in total.

Lightning protection

Florida due to its specific location next to Mexican Gulf,  is the State of the largest number of storms with lightnings. Photovoltaic installations can remain safe if the lightining protection is applied.

While preparing a price quotation for your customer, you can also add cost of lightining protection. You should go to Financial Analysis section and Cost subsection to add it as a new category. Try EasySolar app and see how it works. 

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