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New features of EasySolar app

Because of constant development of EasySolar App we would like to inform you that we introduced new features of EasySolar app like completely new design of customer proposal generating with our application. We also add new graphs and tables in financial analysis and fix some bugs.

New Customer Proposal

Higher resolution of images and graphs will let you create better product presentation. Nowadays, when green energy from PV panels is still not as popular as energy sources based on fossil fuels, good presentation of financial analysis, environmental benefits and technical aspects of product is crucial part of your sales. Better presentation will surely give you more chances to convince your customers to green energy producing by your photovoltaic panels.

Upgraded financial analysis

All professional customer proposals base on financial analysis. Because of that we improved our customer proposal and give you another great method of data visualizations. From now you will have access to new graphs, completely new cumulative cash flows and return on investment

Other fixes and upgrades

Beside updates mentioned before we fixed few bugs and made our application even more stable then beforeWhat is more, because we want to based development of our app on contact with our clients we implemented some updates based on your opinions and suggestions.

EasySolar application is innovative solution that give you possibility to create your customer proposals fast and easy. Because we based our app on cloud technology you have full access to your account anywhere in the world from many different devices including smartphones. What is more, because we storage all data on our servers in case of any future update you won’t need to waste your time on downloading any extra updates on your hard drive during all time of your subscription time.

More updates coming soon!!!

Soon we will also release EasySolar app on iOS and we are going to change layout of our app to by even more useful!!!