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O nowej odsłonie oferty sprzedażowej EasySolar na portalu pv-magazine

Selling solar is a complex process than can be much easier with dedicated software. EasySolar introduced a new customer proposal in its PV design app.

EasySolar is the first app to design PV arrays and prepare professional customer proposals in minutes that changes the way solar professionals work. EasySolar app provides great help in preparation of high quality proposals – not only it boosts customer acquisition but also generates time and money savings for solar companies.

New customer proposal

EasySolar continuously works on software optimization. More modern and aesthetic customer proposal is a part of EasySolar app now. Clear structure of data presentation lets customer understand design concept, calculations and graphs, enganging him in presented solutions.

Using EasySolar app, every company can increase sales by preparing a competitive proposal with own logo, including own preferences and prices. What’s more, customer proposal can be generated in 4 languages with one click only.

Comfortable and with no limits

Every project is different and requires different design method, EasySolar makes it possible to design on the map, image and sketch. What’s more, the software gives access to azimuth and rooftop inclination measurement tools, solar radiation database and shading simulation tool.

Thanks to cloud technology, the access to EasySolar app is possible with same login on different mobile devices. The payment is based on comfortable subscription plan with no limit of PV designs and proposals

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