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PV system next to Parthenon

Parthenon is a former temple from 438 BC build in Greek Akropolis.

Tough history

The history of Parthenon is quite tough- many times its architecture was plundered or modified, in fifth century it was transformed into Christian church and in 1458 into mosque.

PV system

We decided to check how the surroundings of Parthenon could make use of solar plant. In EasySolar app 38,43 kWp system was designed. It would occupy a spece of 242,15 sq. meters generating 58,02 megawatt-hours annually during beautiful Greek weather.

Long tradition

Use of solar energy was known in Greece for ages. In fact, around 400 BC., Greeks invented focusing lens that helped them to kindle fire. The lense was made of sphere vessel filled with water. Archimedes found a similar application during one of the battles. He build a machine with a system of mirrors that helped him to set fire on the enemy’s fleet using sun’s rays.

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