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PV panel rooftop software – 10 most important criteria

Your company is strongly focused on residential projects. You see the potential of this market but you just need some good software to help you with design and customer proposal preparation. Find out what are the most important criteria when it comes to solar software!

1. Fast to design yet quite precise

If you work in residential solar sector, you know how many times you have to deal with loads of customer inquiries. Customers most frequently want to compare offers from different solar companies first. Many times you can win this race by acting quickly and providing your customer the data that they can easily understand.

EasySolar app gives you the possibility of creating quick designs that are exact enough to present them with ballpark prices of PV system components.

2. Own components

It is vital that your software enables you to create designs with the modules and inverters your company sells. Or even better- that you can freely edit these products whenever you decide to change the manufacturer. It’s not fair if software imposes on you components to be used.

EasySolar app with its module and inverter library guarantees you easy choice of any component for your project. And if somehow the library has not been updated with the newest generation of the components you use, you can manually add these components, including necessary technical data. Or save them as favourites.

3. Solar radiation data

It’s crucial for your work that your software provides solar radiation data for the place of the installation. Again, it’s unfair if the software works only for certain regions.

EasySolar app provides solar radiation data based on NASA resources which guarantees solar projects to be created for any place in the world. You can design anywhere you are, compare your project with systems designed in different places, etc.

4. Costs presentation

Solar software should make it possible to include costs of solar systems. The minimum option should be the total cost. It’s even better though if costs can be categorized according to different components and labour cost.

EasySolar app gives user the option of including both unit (per Watt-peak) and total price as well as costs divided on categories. What’s more names of categories can be edited.

5. Financial analysis

There is no customer proposal without financial analysis. It should show at least the income from green energy sold and money savings from green energy consumed, taking into account the specific support system and – if applicable – the loan from the bank.

EasySolar app gives it all plus it’s possible to compare production with any reference system.

6. Flexibility in design

It’s really good if software has enough functions to create PV layout on any object. Google maps sometimes is not enough due to it’s qualirt in some regions.

EasySolar app offers sketch and image design apart from Google Maps to make sure that the layout can be created on any rooftop or other object

7. Comfortable payment

Ideal software is comfortable and easy to use, including the payment process.

EasySolar app can be purchased via subscription. The basic subscription allows 2 different users to work with the app.

8. Time savers

It’s not obligatory but it’s good if the software helps solar professionals and makes their life easier. Time is money.

EasySolar app provides full access to projects from the cloud from any device. It also has some tools that shorten all process. Plus, it requires no more professional knowledge that what an average solar professional has.

9. Workflow tools

Solar business is a tough business due to long administration process. When there are a lot of customer inquiries and customers come back with their decision after a really long time, it is easy to get lost in old projects. Good software should provide at least some basic data organization.

EasySolar app solves this problem through cloud technology – projects are stored and shared in the cloud.

10. Friendly interface

Software should simply look good. UX is almost as important as the technical content. After all, it’s a tool with which you will work almost every day.

EasySolar app colourful UI and handy toolbars come to help you with all the process. It shouldn’t take longer than 5 minutes to create a professional customer proposal.

Haven’t tried EasySolar app pv panel rooftop software yet? Try from 20 euros/monthly.