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Solar power design presentations

Good prices and high-quality products are often not enough to sell a PV systems. Many salesmen have good products in great prices but without proper presentation they cannot get to their clients.
To achieve high sales you need to focus also on proper presentation of your products, based for example on EasySolar app customer proposals. Today, we will give you 5 tricks how to improve presentation of your products.

  1. Client expectations

    During presentation you always have to figure out what are the main concerns of your client. Some of them want to focus on environmental benefits, while some of them only focusing on economic profits.

  2. Readable visualisations

Most investors are not familiar with details of their electricity usage and others important values influencing on PV system payback time. You always need to prepare presentation that will give you a way to explain your client all notions and values

  1. Greenhouse effect

    Even if your client don’t want to save climate, you can use this argument to proof that PV system is a good investment. The best way to do this is to show them other ‘green’ companies from the same or other businesses and how many benefits it gives to them. Nowadays green energy is a key to improve company’s corporate image.

  2. Good project 

    While preparing customer proposal, it is good to create simple personalized project of PV design. Thanks to EasySolar app you can create project of PV system in just few minutes. With our tools you can create project of a building based on:

    -Photo of a building

    It is simple and very attractive method of creating PV designs. You need just to upload a photo of a roof on our server, mark the roof corners and give our app basic data about your PV area like azimuth and roof angle.

    -Google Maps

    In second method of creating PV design with EasySolar App you can use screens from Google Map. It is the best way of creating designs of large ground mounted PV systems.

    -Simple sketch

    If you don’t have picture of a building or quality of Google Map in your location is too poor you can make simple sketch of your PV area. This is very fast and easy method for both residential systems and PV farms.

    In both three methods of creating new projects you can freely move strings of your PV panels and delete unwanted ones. That last feature is extremely wanted when for example you have many obstacles on your roof like antennas or windows. What is more you can of course freely change azimuth, angle and distance between rows of panels.

  1. References

    Best way of selling new technologies like PV systems is to prove that they work. Customers are not likely to buy PV system that should work next 25-30 years without a proof that it will last that long. Because of that you should always include in your customer proposal photos of your previous PV projects and create analysis of those reference systems. There is always good to base on real values instead of predictions.  Of course our engineers also know the importance of references during presentation of your offer. Because of that in EasySolar app you can also calculate and then include in customer proposal, basic data of your reference system.

    Selling PV systems is still not so easy but we hope that thanks to our tips it will be much easier for you. If you want to learn more about PV systems, please check our free webinars that take place every Tuesday at 10 AM or 6 PM (GMT+2) !!!