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Solar Design Software: Satellite Imaging

Sales professionals are always looking for ways to gain an edge. One way to keep their business going forward is to engage special software to help with administrative and design work.

Key elements in customer proposal

Crucial part is to create a customer proposal where key elements are:

-photovoltaic system size

-modules layout

-energy yield

-revenue estimate

In the past, these calculations were made in advanced programs by specialized engineering team and this was causing delays. Now thanks to cloud technology, they can be done immediately, also interacting with the customer.

Customer engagement

Solar design softwares evolved a lot, moving from desktop (in many cases Windows only) programmes to internet cloud apps that give many more possibilities. Cloud-based solutions mean vast possibilities. Time to generate a customer proposal is dramatically reduced since modifications can be made right away making it possible to present different scenarios of PV plant.

EasySolar, apart from providing a browser app, created the first mobile app for photovoltaics. This means shifting the dektop limits even further. With mobile devices, work can be done more efficiently, even in the field, with full customer engangement and feedback. Additionally, azimuth and rooftop inclination measurements can be made as well as real-time shading analysis.

Solar Design Software: satellite imaging

Among possibility offered by cloud apps, there’s Google Maps API implementation. This function provides easy PV system layout. Maps data can even be combined with solar irradiation data for defined locations.

But even before preparing a layout, thanks to satellite imaging, it’s possible to  assess the site even before planning a visit (obstacles, shadow, module inclination and orientation as well as landscape/portrait position) and determine the best location for solar plants. In case satellite image is not accurate, aerial images are recommended.

In EasySolar app, Google Maps method is just one of three design methods. Depending on the project, users can choose between sketch and image design in the case Google Maps are ot accurate.

Thanks to professional solar design software, PV professionals can work more efficiently and close more sales. This contributes to soft cost reduction. Try EasySolar app to see how to prepare a layout on Google maps or with other design methods.