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New sales strategy for PV systems

Because of rising demand on photovoltaic systems, salesmen of PV technologies have to deal with lots of questions coming from their potential clients. Unfortunately, in this case creating standard proposals based on text editors or complex PV software is usually insufficient and time-consuming.



Complicated project or simplified proposal?

Photovoltaic systems in opposition to other household devices always  require individual treatment of each PV investment. Different power demand, PV panels configuration and support mechanisms caused that traditional customer proposal requires  from salesmen creating time-consuming PV projects that not always guarantee you sales closing. Good customer proposal demands collecting a lot of data like investor’s financial possibilities,  building’s parameters and support mechanism. After we collect that data we need to create financial analysis and PV project that will give your client opportunity to imagine how that PV system will look on his roof.
Like you surely now that process is often too time-consuming and your hard work will not always give proper results

Clients like to check many entrepreneurs before they choose company that will sell them their PV system and  they want to get from you only few details about your product like price or construction parameters. Those clients can cause you many troubles because you have to spend a lot of time on creating offers for them with minimal chance of selling PV system.
In the other hand preparing simplified and universal customer proposal is also not a good strategy. That offers is not very accurate and credible. Clients always prefer personalized proposals.

Innovation is a key to success

Because of those dilemmas, more and more entrepreneurs are looking for compromised solutions and software that will give them possibility to create PV proposals fast and easy.
Lucky, EasySolar created an app that perfectly fit into that demand.  We provide solutions that will give you opportunity to create detailed customer proposals equipped with visualization of  PV systems and financial analysis.

Create proposals all around the globe

What is more, our tools give you also opportunity to create proposals with your smartphone or tablet. Thanks to them you can for example calculate shading, roof angle or azimuth. What is more it can be based on Google Maps, photo or simple sketch.
This give you opportunity to create high-quality proposals in just few minutes.

Our tools guarantee you that creating customer proposals will no more be a problem. Our application include solutions that will give you advantage over your competition.

If you want to check all benefits of our mobile app, try it now!!!