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Photovoltaic systems – 10 tips to increase your solar sales by 30%

Convincing the customer to such investment as photovoltaic system can be challenging but not impossible. The best proof is the solar market growth around the world.  

Closing sales can be tough. Closing solar sales even tougher.  Not only they depend on changing market regulations but also on the company offer presentation. Few tips in this article can help you deal with the latter challenge.

Why selling solar is so difficult?

In the past, the sales process included sales representatives and specialized engineering team preparing a proposal with modules layout and revenue estimate. There was a need of combining advanced software with computing programs and then passing the data to a proposal draft. This was not time-effective. The online calculators that appeared later in the web didn’t help too much because they didn’t generate the files with the proper personalized structure for customer proposal. At the end, the professional offer was replaced with a standard company leaflet.

EasySolar app changes the way you interact with your customer solving major problems that could be blocking your sales. The following 10 tips will help your company enter into a new standard of working on your projects and sell even 30% more photovoltaic systems.

1. Create personalized proposals

The professional sales means the acknowlegement and management of customer individual needs. That’s why it’s important to be able to modify and send photovoltic system offers wherever you are.

In EasySolar app you can prepare a quick proposal from any device. You can add any sections that are interested for your customer and focus on these ones that are the most important for them. In most of cases this is going to be: module layout, power, energy production and revenue estimate however it’s good to know the investor’s profile first. Part of these data can be sent right after the first meeting and the rest  presented in the next one.

2. A picture is worth a thousand words

…And customer proposal is not any exception. Make sure you use the tables, charts and images available in EasySolar app that will help you segregating the data even better. Prepare visualizations for your customer using design on image function.

3. Present different scenarios

Your offer will be much more interesting if you give your customer a choice, however it’s not recommended to present more then 3 scenarios, otherwise the choice becomes difficult. EasySolar app gives the possibility of comparing different scenarios by creating different layouts or financial mechanisms on the ground and rooftop with real time preview.  

4. Save time and send your offers quicker

Quick reaction to customer needs can help winning more deals. Thanks to ready draft, you don’t need to waste your time on preparing proposals every single time. Additionally, after ticking or unticking several sections in the draft and inserting your comments to them, they are saved for the next projects.

Also, add modules and inverters that you use for your designs to “favourites” section, complete their price, tax and additional description. Thanks to that, generating next proposals takes just few clicks.

5. Transform the strongest customer doubt into major advantage of your offer

In case of photovoltaic modules, the most frequent question and doubt is – how is the PV system going to look on my roof? Prepare the modules visualization in minutes using design on photo method using the image from the mobile app or sent from customer. You can also use Google Maps or sketch for that. Modules visualization will show to your customer that you will design the highly aesthetic pv system.

6. Engage your customer

When your customers are engaged in sales process, they will be convinced about their decision. Use the mobile app and present different mounting scenarios.

For sure, you will increase your chances to sell giving the customer the possibility of engagement your customer in the process of designing their system. Additionally, to this the measurement tool in mobile version of the app. Use mobile measurement tools in front of customer, presenting the azimuth measurement, inclination and using shading simulation in particular obstacles.

7. Make it simpler for your customer


Make the experience of your customer the smoothest possible – from the first contact to investment process. Use the option of saving data in the cloud and send the customer information about the changes in your projects, making easier the communication process.

8. Present references

 In EasySolar app you have the option of adding the reference system data, with which you can compare the designed PV system. The comparison with energy output that’s the best reference.

9. Manage your sales professionally

 In EasySolar app you can mange your sales as an internal admin. It means that you receive full access to designs created by your employees so it’s easier to monitor the sales dynamics, financiation mechanism that work best, etc

10. Create personalized proposal with few clicks

In EasySolar app the proposal can be adapted to your company needs with one click. Additionally, you can add your logo and contact data. This will highlight the professional image of your company.

How much you value your working time?

The average rate of solar representative is 55 dollars per hour. Thanks to the app you can make many operations thawill make it easier for you to create a proposal Thanks to that you can save up even 440 dollars per one proposal and you will increase your chances to win more sales. Check EasySolar app from 20 euros.