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New sales strategy of PV systems

Most of companies from PV business don’t use specialist software to create customer proposals.
Because of that, they are forced to use traditional text editors and simple PV calculators.
Creating customer proposals manually is very time consuming and give you opportunity to make many unwanted mistakes. 




Innovative way

Because of such problems companies from PV business are looking for new solutions like EasySolar software.
Innovative EasySolar tools give you a way to create financial analysis that will show your client all benefits of PV systems thanks to many visualization methods. Those methods will give you opportunity to convince even sceptics that PV systems have many environmental benefits and are a great way to save money.

Time saving

Thanks to constant contact with our clients we can created revolutionary solutions that give you opportunity to save hundreds of hours a year. Thanks to that you don’t need to waste your time on creating customer proposals manually. From now you can spend that time on getting new clients and installing PV systems what of course give you additional profits.
What is more work with our tools guarantee you that your customer proposals will always be complete and without mistakes.

Whole office in your pocket

Innovative solutions created by team of our engineers give you possibility to create not only projects through web browser on your computer but also with your Android and iOS devices.
From now you can prepare PV projects with your client at his home on mobile device and then edit them in your office via computer.
At this point, we need also to say that our tools are based on cloud technology. Thanks to that your data is always up to date and you will never lost your precious database because of hardware malfunction.

Plenty different tools of EasySolar app give you a mobile platform to transfer data between you and your employees. Thanks to those solutions you will be able to have constant control on projects executing in your company by your workers.

Cheap subscription, unlimited possibilities

In opposition to traditional design software you can use our tools on many different devices with only one subscription plan which cost even 20 EUR per month! So low cost connected  with so much possibilities makes EasySolar app one of the best investment that your enterprise can make.  Rising your sales even by one PV system per month provide you funds for next few years of working with EasySolar app.

What is more, access to EasySolar is not limited by number of your projects. With us you can create unlimited number of different projects.

One app, plenty of profits

Hundreds of our happy clients all around the world can confirm high quality of our software.
Innovative tools, low price and mobile solutions make EasySolar one of the best PV software. Thanks to our app you will improve your sales, save time and become leader of your local PV market!!!

If you want to test all innovative features of our app, test it today!!!