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Solar Energy – Sceptical point of view

PV salesmen are often forced to speak with many sceptics that want to proof that PV systems are totally inefficient. Most of the time they had some knowledge about PV technologies and try to explain for example that low efficiency or other PV features disqualify that technology. In case of such ‘tough’ clients it is better to end conversations because changing his way of thinking will be extremely hard. Nevertheless in some cases, especially during presentations with bigger audience we need to defend our statements.

During such meetings we will need to confront many counterarguments such:

1. Low efficiency of PV modules

It is one of the most popular argument of people being sceptical about PV technologies.  It is completely true that most of PV modules on the market have efficiency around 15 to 20 percent but in case of small household systems it doesn’t affect anything. Lower efficiency of PV panels you can easily catch up by adding extra PV panels on your roof. The main economical parameter of small PV is cost of one kWp. Efficiency of single module is important only in case of limited area that we can cover with PV modules.

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2. Efficiency during winter seasons

Many sceptics are saying that PV modules don’t produce electricity during winter season.
Of course it is not true and PV modules can produce energy during winter. They will not produce as much energy as during summer but thanks to popular in many countries net-metering system owners of PV system won’t see significial difference between seasons.

3. Too long payback time

One of the worst argument that we need to overcome is long payback time. Unfortunately it is very hard to argue with numbers. Because of that we should always highlight ecological values of PV systems and benefits that they can give us in the future. Rising cost of traditional sources of energy and problems with electrical grids will, in opinion of most experts, cause that photovoltaics will be in the future one of the cheapest source of energy.

4. Low aesthetic quality

Some opponents of PV solutions are saying that PV systems lower aesthetic quality of buildings. Of course it is one hundred percent subjective opinion but as a PV salesman you need to discuss that. Thanks to modern BIPV technologies and large PV market you can get PV modules in almost every color and shape. Today they are not only big rectangular blue panels and they can be camouflaged easily not  only on the roof of the building but also on its walls or balconies.

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Of course we mentioned here only few examples of charges against PV technologies. Unfortunately many PV salesmen need to confront plenty of other more irrational arguments. Due to that they should continuously learn about newest PV solutions and prepare individually to each meeting.