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Solar pv mounting system

Because of fast growth of PV industry manufacturers of PV systems constantly invest in new technologies and try to present every year new, cheaper and more effective products. One of such news present by more and more manufacturers are alternative mounting systems.

Nowadays mounting systems consist of rails, bonding, grips etc. that can be even 20% of total cost of PV system. Because of that many manufacturers work on simpler and cheaper solutions.
Another important parameter of mounting system is weight. Many different parts included in traditional PV systems can weight a lot which can be problematic in case of some roofs.

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Another important aspect of PV mounting systems that PV companies want to optimize is time of installation. Every additional our spend on installing PV system is money that you can save. What is more, fast and easy process of installing PV system on the roof not only lower costs and time but will also minimize risk of making mistakes during installation.

Rail-free mounting systems

One of the most innovative solutions are rail-free mounting systems. They provide us possibility of direct attaching panels to the roof with special grips. Thanks to that whole system is lighter and easier to install.

Integrated bonding system

Integrated bonding system is something between traditional solutions and rail-free systems. In opposition to traditional systems we have here only rails that give us opportunity to direct connecting PV modules with rails. Thanks to that we can get lighter and easier to install system that don’t interfere in roof surface that much.

Integrated mounting systems

Another interesting solution are integrated systems. They are light frames designed for specific models of PV panels. Those systems in opposition to traditional products are not so universal but they provide minimal weight and easiest installation process. What is more, they have integrated wiring what also shorten time of installation and protect wires from environment.

Described systems are not so popular as traditional technologies and they are still must be verified by PV market. Nevertheless most experts suggest that in the future they will be more and more popular and they are future of PV household systems.

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