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Renewable energy sources – how to create a social media campaign

You already have a company account on Facebook, Twitter and Linked-in?

That’s a good start but it is not enough – you need a social media plan for your solar (or in general- renewable energy) sales.

1. Define campaign goal and customer profile

Think about your audience. Is your customer a home owner, a company or bigger investor interested in PV farms? Where can they find out about your business? Also, define your product strengths (for example high module efficiency, long warranty, low price) and company features you would like to expose (for instance long presence on market, innovation, eco-friendliness).

Additionally, for your social media plan you will need to prepare a list of challenges you may face and competition you may have to deal with.

2. Create engaging content

A good idea to build a positive image in social media is a two-way communication with homeowners or other potential investors. This works much better than typical telemarketing or banners.

– It might be a good idea to put images of PV installations of satisfied customers, their references and articles mentioning your company.

  • It’s important to reduce your company content like press releases, new products, information about promotions to 20% of the whole campaign content.
  • Remember that your posts have to be engaging and informative.
  • Good tip can be trying infographics – they are usually attractive for viewes and are likely to be shared.

3. Get inspired by pros from solar business

It’s worthy to take your inspiration from the best ones. Not necessarily these have to be companies from your country. Keep on monitoring the market and make good use from photovoltaic news in your campaign.

4. Monitor your campaign and discover trends

Scheduling your posts ahead is a good idea, since you can keep your followers active and engaged. There are some softwares on the market that can help you with planning and monitoring your campaigns on different social media at the same time.

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