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Solar farms or off-grid systems – what will give you higher income?

Low prices of PV systems, new support mechanisms and growing ecological awareness of our population cause constant growing sales of off-grid PV systems. Because of that more and more companies redesign their sales models and focus on small systems rather than large PV farms. Main arguments to focus on selling small systems are:

Simplier regulations

Realisation of PV systems and connecting them into the grid in most countries is much easier in case of small photovoltaic systems. Thanks to that you will be able to create and sell your PV systems faster. What is more, there will be lower risk that your client will resign during collecting necessary documents and permissions.

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Support mechanisms

Unfortunately today is much harder to get subsidies for large PV systems. What is more new support mechanisms make in some countries difficult to compete with other sources of energy like wind or coal. Luckly, in most countries small PV systems still can be supported with subsidies and high guaranteed prices.

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Lower costs

Much lower cost of small off-grid systems makes them easier to sell to larger group of individual customers. What is more realisation of single PV system won’t give you same profit as in case of large PV systems but in a long term scale 1 kW of power from household system will give you larger profit than 1kW from PV farm.

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Energy security

One of the main tasks of renewable sources of energy is not only production of cheap electrical energy with no negative impact on natural environment but also providing energy security and energy independance of the country.
Off course from the point of view of most individual customers that is not a key argument but in the larger scale it is very important. Small PV systems disconnected from the grid will provide energy for individual customers much better than large PV systems.

Off course in case of sales we always should look individually on each sales strategy but we can be sure: off-grid systems are the future of PV market and we have to deal with it. Of course larger systems won’t vanish from the market but we should always remember that they won’t be as attractive for investors as they were before.