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Solar power system – what you should know about sales

Solar power system sales is a multi-step process. It starts with first communication with your customer, setting right expectations and engaging customers in design process.

1.  Lead evaluation

Spending more time on valuable leads rather than pushing sales on customers that are not convinced at all will work much better on your time organization.

2. Make use of feedback

Sometimes showing numbers such as energy and bill savings thank to photovoltaic system is not enough. What may help is engaging your customer in the exact design of their system. Make sure they see how modules will look like on their roof. Thanks to EasySolar app you can compare different scenarios of investment (several designs, different financial conditions) with real-time preview. Use Design-on-Image  function for that.

3. Share your tasks

Even if want to engage in 100% in your projects, you may want to include your co-workers. Especially nowadays, when small solar businesses are cross-training their employees and if one is out, another can take over. You can do it easily with EasySolar app, where projects can be shared and stored in the cloud.

4. Simplify solar power system 

Simplify everything for your customer whenever you can. This includes especially the investment process and proposal. Instead of long, complicated proposals, simply present the data that is really important- energy savings and economical benefits, general price quote and module layout, unless the customer asks for more. With EasySolar it takes 5 minutes.