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From today onwards you can use the EasySolar app for generating a PV system proposal with net-metering mechanism, also the partial one that includes grid payments.

Full net-metering can be calculated easily in the app setting a level of self-consumption on 100%. There are lots of countries where there is a partial net-metering, however and it’s pretty tough to calculate. In EasySolar app, all you need to do is to estimate the amount of energy exchanged with the grid and its price. The rest will be calculated by the app.


Net-metering step by step

How to enter the input data so that the app calulates the income and savings for PV system in net-metering mechanism? 

1. You need to define the consumption level

You can fill it in MWh/monthly (average month value or exact month value), or simply present as a percentage of energy from photovoltaics that covers the demand.

2. The app calculates the yield

The energy produced by photovoltaic modules is calculated automatically by the app for particular months of the year.

3. The excess fed into the grid will be calculated

The excess fed into the grid will be equal to the difference between energy production and demand. EasySolar app will calculate it for particular months. You need to remember, that in the app, self-consumed energy (%) is split between energy consumed in-situ having the value of energy from the bill and the energy exchanged with the grid and then consumed.

Try EasySolar and check how it works!