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Solar PV – mistakes you may be commiting in marketing

Yes, marketing should be also applied to solar companies. Or shall we say-  especially to them! 

Solar marketing is not that easy though. Even for the most experienced marketers. Things that  worked for other sectors may not work in solar business. Check, what can affect your results in solar marketing and sales.

Old-fashioned website

Look closer to how your website looks like. Is it easy to navigate, do all sections have their purspose, does it feel out-of-date? Sometimes companies don’t realize that their websites should be refreshed and adapted to user experience. The source of the problem can come from uncomfortable contact form. And how to sell a solar pv system then!

No relationship with customer

It’s hard to believe, but the research made by Velocify shows that many customers are not followed-up by companies that contacted them in the first place! Both too slow or too intensive contact can be a serious problem and simply lead to no conversion to any investment decision.

No marketing strategy

It’s not important whether your target is a business or individual customer- you need a solid marketing strategy. Without it, you are just waking in the darkness. Start from defining customer needs that your product is fufilling.

Solar pv and remarketing

If your website looks perfect but does not convert into sales, maybe it’s time to think about remarketing. This method is widely used by the biggest PV players. Google AdWords and other ads are simply the second chance you get to acquire potential customer.

Although remarketing can mean fenomenal results and gives a great chance to reduce a customer acquisition cost, the campaign needs to be precisely designed and targeted, meticulously measured and tested in many ways. So think first- who is your potential customer?

You simply have to like it

We know people who work for renewables, yet don’t really believe in them. If you don’t believe in your products, why do you sell them or try to promote them?

If you’re sure you are not commiting any of the mistakes above but you’re looking for a tool to sell solar pv more efficiently, try EasySolar app. Thanks to the app you will create an attractive solar proposals and PV designs.