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Easysolar photovoltaic phone apps, now with Google StreetView widget !

Main feature of all professional customer proposals is realistic PV design. You can create one by many methods but in most cases basing it on a photo will be the most efficient way.
Over 75% of EasySolar’s users are using in their projects photos of a building!
Unfortunately this method required high quality photo of the roof which is often unavailable for us.

Luckily latest update of EasySolar app has solution to this problem and gives you opportunity to create attractive PV designs visualizations that require only address of your client.
We achieve that thanks to Google StreetView which now you can use in your projects.

No Photo? Thanks to Google Streetview widget there is also no problem!

Thanks to Google StreetView widget you can easily get high quality photo of your client’s building
and create PV design. In just few minutes you will be able to create professional customer proposal and be ready for the meeting with your client.

How to do this?
If you want to use photos from Google StreetView in your projects you need:

1) Choose ON MAP method of creating PV designs.
2) Find your location.
3) Drag StreetView icon near your location.

Next you just need to aim for the roof and go to next step of creating PV design where you need to draw your PV area and set dimensions of your roof.

Easysolar photovoltaic phone apps – easier than you think!

Like you can see modern salesman, thanks to professional software is able to create efficient PV designing knowing only address of her or his client.

If you want to learn more about creating professional customer proposals check our video tutorial!