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How residential solar sales can be increased?

Residential solar sales process can be tough. Sales reps have to deal with high customer acquisition costs, difficulties with team workflow and shortage of time when it comes to professional   documents preparation at initial stage. EasySolar app can substantially improve this process.

Common barriers in residential solar sales

Presenting different scenarios of photovoltaic system to customers usually requires a lot of time from solar reps and engineering team with no guarantee of conversion. Usually, solar companies combine Excel spreadsheets with a sales management software and some homegrown calculator. This means dedicating at least 3 hours of work, blocking further project development. With EasySolar app, customer requests or changes such as different module layout or financing model can be applied directly to the project.

When the engineering team is responsible for both design and proposal preparation, it can create an additional bottleneck in sales process, especially with numerous requests for proposals, or when individual economic analysis preparation is time-consuming. However, if the software is simple enough to be handled by solar representatives, and advanced enough to present desirable data to the customer, engineering team does not have to be involved in the process of initial system design, price quote and feasibility study. This helps to maintain the customer pipeline.

How the process can be simplified

Let us have a look at sales process with EasySolar app and online platform. After first consultations, sales representative goes to perform a site visit to collect first project data. This is the moment when a good use can be made of the mobile app. A professional tool on smartphone or tablet is always more impressive for customers. First measurements such as: solar radiation, azimuth, rooftop inclination angle and shadow analysis can be performed using EasySolar mobile app.

Subsequently, the PV design can be made by capturing a rooftop photo and performing quick 3D visualisation on mobile device with few clicks only. Any change of layout can be performed right away so that customer can see what are the possibilities of module collocation on their rooftop. Alternatively, layout can be placed on Google Maps or sketch.

Component configuration can be performed selecting among more than 50 k modules and 5 k inverters. With few more clicks, economic analysis can be calculated using a variety of financing models and flexible price quote. A beautiful proposal which preparation took no more than 5 minutes, can be sent to the customer via email right away.

All data including financial analysis, component prices and selected components are saved for next projects. It means, the more we use the app, the quicker it gets!

Finally, the project can be polished using fully synced EasySolar online platform. Projects can be easily managed and shared and proposal – customized with company logo and colours as well as chapters selection.

Software is an integral part of every solar business

Well-tailored software has stopped to be a luxury good for solar companies. It’s an integral component to boost company sales, reducing its operational costs and doesn’t have to be complex or expensive anymore.

EasySolar helps removing complexity from solar sales process so that solar pros can quickly and effectively design a PV system, generate customized proposals and manage the entire sales process. Anywhere they are:

A typical rate of solar pro reaches 60 USD an hour. It’s 3 times more than  EasySolar monthly subscription plan. If we assume they need at least 3 hours to create a preliminary project in a conventional way, and only 5 minutes if they do it with EasySolar, it’s easy to calculate that using this powerful software the company is saving at least 175 USD per project.

Although it may take one afternoon to learn how to use the app, EasySolar offers a strong technical support, including free webinars. Time dedicated to learn this powerful software quickly pays off and helps solar businesses to grow.