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How to promote solar panel plant?

Solar power plant investment? You’d rather call it in a different way? Maybe it’s time to think how your customer would call it!

Communicate in a simple way

You’ve got rich experience and you have a lot of knowledge about photovoltaics, that’s fantastic. But the true ability is to translate this experience and knowledge into an easy language, even if it seems complex.  Take into account that your customer doesn’t have to know such phrases as: net-metering, inverter or by-pass diodes. Instead of using academic definitions, use comparisons and analogies from everyday’s life. The client will trust you more.

Don’t sell – simply advice

Inversting in solar panel plant that will produce electricity for free for the next 30 years is still not the cheapest technology. However, if you tailor it to your customer energy needs (adequate nominal power compared to energy consumption), financial needs and aesthetical needs – it’s one of the best ways of capital investment. To make your customer realize that, you have to be an advisor, not a seller.

Ensure it’s an easy investment process

You don’t even know how many customers resign at the end not because of costs or technology but because of the whole difficult investment process. Descibe clearly what papers have to be given and when.

What’s more every company needs to be ready to create different scenarios of design and financial analysis. If it’s not able to do it efficiently, it can easily lose the customer. If you have difficulties dealing with many requests for proposals, check EasySolar app that will helo you not only with creating designs and proposals with no limits but also with project management. You just define your own statuses and add notes so that you will never get lost at what stage the project is made and what’s missing. Good luck!