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How to sell home solar panels

Need some inspiration for selling home solar panels? We collected some tips for you.

Test what works best for your business

Your company has a great website to attract customers and beautiful flyers to sell solar but somehow it doesn’t work?

Maybe you need to choose some other channels and search your customers somewhere else. Remember that solar is not a niche market anymore and potential customers can be everywhere, although solar products are still not the cheapest. Try multi-faced customer acquisition approach. Who knows, maybe an outbound call campaign is better than web-sourced customer?

Avoid bottlenecks

Define what are the bottlenecks of home solar panels sales on your market. Maybe you focus too much on leads that are not suitable for solar from the beginning? Or maybe it’s the wrong communication, or it’s a problem with getting a utlity bill from the homeowner?  This can block creating the proposal for your customers that could convert into sales.

Increase your efficiency

This can be made using adequate tools. EasySolar provides quick design and proposal generator. It already includes a large base of modules and inverters as well as financial analysis and price quote template so every project is easy to make, and to manage. The quicker you get your client the quote, the more responsive you can be and there’s more change to close the sale.

Note down all  obstacles, then make A/B tests of your marketing and sales and don’t forget to get a tool that will generate proposals for you and help you to focus on what really matters.