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Solar Cars Racing – an exciting side of photovoltaics

In an interview, race car driver Rober Kubica said:
“If I had to watch Formula 1 on TV, I think I would have fell asleep”
Still Formula 1 racings, from the beginning of existence, raise strong emotions, not only for drivers but also among viewers.

Is it possible that photovoltaic could be as exciting?
Australians know the answer to this question. Every two years, in October, there is organized car race, for cars powered by solar energy. Teams from technical institutes and universities from around the world, who are participants in The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, have to, as fast as they can, drive the route of 3000km, from located on the north of the country Darwin to Adelaide lying at the other end of the country, on the south. The race was inspired by famous journey of The Quiet Achiever, which in 1982 beat distance of more than 4000km from Perth on the west of the country to the eastern Sydney.
In 2015, on the podium of the race triumphed the team from Netherlands, whose vehicle “Nuna 8” traveled the route at an average speed 91,75km / h. But in the race history, which is organized since 1987, it wasn’t the fastest. In 2005, also team from Netherlands, achieved an average speed of over 10km/h higher – 102,75km/h, in a car “Nuna III”. Till that day, that record has remained unbeaten, but who knows, this year’s competition is yet to come.
The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge race is a proof that photovoltaic doesn’t need to be boring, demonstrates the wide use of solar cells and contribute not only to promote solar energy, but also to the continuous development of the already existing technology.

Schumacher said once that he has gasoline in his blood, race participant have in their blood photovoltaic. Perhaps, soon, thanks to the huge enthusiasm and desire to be the best, the first at the finish line, photovoltaic develops so much that we wont be able to imagine the world without it, just as without Formula 1 competition.

More about The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge race, how to join it, rules, car classes and previous edition you can read on a website worldsolarchallenge.org

2015 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge Award Ceremony Closing Video