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„The Pipe” – powered by solar energy and designed to desalinate 1.5 billions of drinking water


Because of increasing number of people on our planet each year, drinking water resources are beginning to shrink. Scientists predict that by 2050 they may completely run out. This is a huge threat to life on Earth. Almost 900 millions of people in the world already suffer from the lack of water.

Once again, solar energy might be the solution. Finalists of the last edition of Land Art Generator Initiative in Santa Monica in California, Khalili Engrineers presented, completely powered by solar energy “The Pipe”, which, using only renewable energy source, will desalinate water from the ocean. Floating on the Pacific Ocean The Pipe, will be covered by solar panels, thanks to which it will gain total energy independence, and it will desalinate 1.5 billions of water annually, using to it about 10.000MWh of energy produced by solar panels. “The Pipe” will produce not only pure drinkable water, delivered directly to the city, but also clear water with twelve percent salinity, which supplies the thermal bath in a pool on the deck, before it is redirected back to the sea.



Thanks to use in desalination process energy from the sun, instead of energy from conventional generator, which use vast amounts of fuel, the cost of produced drinking water will be small, and a price of water will not increase.

In the face of rapidly shrinking drinking water resources maybe in a just few years that kind of solution will be found in every corner of the world.

More about how “The Pipe” works, you can read on LAGI website:

“The Pipe”