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Powered by solar and wind, self-sufficient tiny house

Winter behind us, summer is getting closer and closer. What about this year go somewhere far, to the most remote corner of the world? Thanks to designed by a Slovak company, self-sufficient Ecocapsule houses there will be possible to enjoy natural beauty of our planet, without worry about lack of energy or water. Powered by solar (600W) and wind (750W) energy, also with system that capture and filter rain water, Ecocapsules will let us experience an independence and a freedom of choice our next holiday destination. But that’s not over. Ecocapsules is not only an extraordinary and comfortable way to spend a holiday and enjoying nature, they can also be used as a power station to electrical cars, and thanks to self-sufficiency and small size, in case of emergency or crisis situation, they can be transported to any place on the Earth and used as a humanitarian-action units.

More about Ecocapsules: