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EasySolar Premium – designing photovoltaic systems on picture

Take a look why the new way of designing photovoltaic systems on pictures will be better than the recent one and why EasySolar Premium will be the best design tool on the market, especially to design systems on a pitched roof, because there is no even similar solution available on market to the one developed by our engineers.

EasySolar Premium – designing photovoltaic systems on a picture:

In a simple way you can select any number of surfaces on which you want to spread the panels.

You no longer need to know the detailed dimensions of the roof or the designed surface, just the height and length of the roof.

Clear and readable angle adjustment, azimuth and other parameters of each roof.

Automatically generated panel layouts.

Ability to move individual modules or selected panel groups across the entire roof surface.

Ability to remove and add new panels.

Ability to rotate individual panels, change colors or copy them.

You can make a project on any photo, including for example visualization of a building you will receive from an architect if the building is still designed.

EasySolar Premium is the first available on market so powerful and yet so simple tool to design photovoltaic systems on a very complicated roofs without loosing the quality of a prepared project.

EasySolar Premium available soon!