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Photovoltaics Masters Institute

Lesson 4

Bigger Team vs. Greater Challenge!

Efficiency, convenience, security and control – importance of well-chosen CRM when Your team grows!

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems were created mainly to facilitate team management and to build positive relationships with customers. However, in order for CRM to prove itself in its role, in other words, to help in sales and development, it must be properly adjusted and implemented for each company. CRM badly matched to the needs and specificity of the company's operations may make the system, instead of facilitating management and sales and increasing the company's efficiency, work against it, inhibiting its development and even generating losses.

There is a whole lot of different solutions available on the CRM systems market, but the photovoltaic industry is an extremely specific industry that requires an equally specific CRM solution.

Badly Chosen CRM Can Act Against The Company, Inhibiting Its Development And Even Generating Losses!

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In order to increase the chances of the effective development of the company and the team in the PV industry, a market-specific system is necessary to analyze and manage all data and variable factors simultaneously.

Everyone who has decided to develop their team in this industry has learned how much data a person has to juggle in the PV market.
Managing a growing team at the same time, and thus an expanding base of customers, projects and components, while analyzing the efficiency of salespeople and sales strategies, can become a real chore without the right management tool.

The Specificity Of The PV Industry Requires The Management Of A Simultaneously Growing Team, Database Of Customers, Projects And Components.

The answer to the specificity of the PV industry is CRM EasySolar, which allows for efficient management of the team, customer database, projects and components, and for the analysis of all elements of the team's work.

CRM EasySolar, in one tool allows you to:

Team management without limits,

thanks to the possibility of inviting traders and assigning them to individual clients. This allows you to be calm about the base of all customers, because individual traders have access only to their assigned customers.

Customer and project management,

using statuses, comments, extensive filtering, search engine, etc.

Use of extensive statistics,

thanks to which all team results are available in one place!

Knowing the details and statistics on the work of your entire team and individual traders.

You will find out who served customers, how many meetings, how many phone calls, prepared offers and other details, in the time frame of your choice.

Check your sales potential and results!

You will see the potential and actual sales results in net / gross amounts and converted into the power of the installation.

Check the full power of the principles of the Photovoltaic Masters Institute in practice with EasySolar App.