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Photovoltaics Masters Institute

Lesson 5

After How Many Days To Call? How To Seduce The Customer?

When to call, when to send an offer and when to propose a meeting – the most effective sales techniques!

Creating one universal and reliable recipe for customer acquisition and closing the sale is almost as utopian as selling one universal solar system for each customer. Every customer is different and their needs are also different!

One of the basic principles that a trader must remember when offering his product is the fact that we sell not so much, in the case of the PV industry, a photovoltaic system, but also ourselves, positive experiences and benefits. Therefore, apart from a well-prepared project and offer, one should also pay attention to the equally important aspects of meeting the client.
The merchant's presence, smile, interest in the customer and his needs and the ability to name them, openness, extensive knowledge about the product, self-confidence, etc., are mentioned in many sales manuals as key factors determining the success of the transaction.

However, in the PV industry, contact with the customer often takes place by phone or e-mail and is limited to only a few meetings, usually when the customer is interested in the offer. So how do you meet the challenge of so many variables and increase your chances of closing a sale

There Is No One Proven Technique For Customer Acquisition. But There Is The Best Possible Sales Strategy For Any Company!

``Quot homines tot sententiae: suo' quoique mos.`` - How many people, so many opinions, Terentius once said. This sentence is extremely topical and useful in many areas of life, and is especially important in direct selling.

When dealing with the customer-trader relationship, one should always remember about the inherent human element, i.e. take into account the fact that we are dealing with another person who has his own, often different from our opinion, his own system of values and perception of the world.

So there is no one proven way to build a reliable customer relationship. In addition, each salesperson has their own way of conducting a sales conversation and the entire commercial process, which does not necessarily suit some potential customers.

How can such a mismatch look in practice?

Extroverted Salesman vs. Introverted Customer.

A trader who likes to discuss all the details and often call the customer, build a close relationship with him, may find a customer who prefers to do everything by e-mail and with as little direct contact as possible. Additionally, not very familiar with the PV installation process, he may feel overwhelmed by numerous questions as he prefers everything to be taken care of for him.

Introverted Salesman vs. Extroverted Customer.

Conversely, a very open-minded customer will expect numerous phone calls from the salesperson to discuss each detail and face-to-face meetings, while the salesperson will feel most comfortable in indirect contacts.

There are countless such variants, because when dealing with people, we are not able to predict what may happen.

Individually Adapted, Based On A Deep Analysis, The Action Model Of The Sales Team, Increases The Sales Opportunity Several Times!

So how to create the best sales model for the company?

AI-based programs can be of help, which, by constantly analyzing the work of the entire team and all variable factors, will create the most optimal and the highest conversion rate on this basis.
Based on this principle, one of the most advanced programs available on the market and offering such a solution is EasySolar, which has very extensive Artificial Intelligence Algorithms that effectively help in creating the best business strategy.

How to use the EasySolar Artificial Intelligence Algorithms?

1. Create the Most Effective Sales Model.

Algorytmy AI analizując stale pracę Twojego zespołu, określą najczęstszą oraz najefektywniejszą ścieżkę sprzedaży w Twojej firmie.

2. Get to know the details of your team's work.

Once you know the ideal sales model, you can motivate your team to achieve better results, e.g. by contacting the customer two days after sending the offer or by offering smaller discounts, because you know exactly how individual actions affect the customer's decisions.

3. Use Deep Sales Process Analysis.

Check and test how changing a given factor in the sales process affects conversion rates. In practice, you will learn when your salespeople should call customers, when to meet them and what is the deadline for sending an offer to achieve the effect of finalizing the sale.

Check the full power of the principles of the Photovoltaic Masters Institute in practice with EasySolar App.