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Choose Your Own Way To Design PV!

Design Pv Systems
On Photos

Use the opportunity to present an initial visualization, even during the first meeting with the client. EasySolar design tool allows you to design the system on the photo in just a few minutes. It is an exceptionally innovative solution and allows you to surprise the customer with a professional design, giving you the opportunity to present how the panels will look like on the roof in reality. It is the only program on the market that offers PV system design features in any photo.



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projekt paneli fotowoltaicznych na zdjęciu
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Design Commercial Systems On GoogleMaps

Working with commercial customers? Design on Google Maps! It’s an easy and very fast way to design solar panels on flat roofs. Moreover, the implementation of the project does not take more than a few minutes.

Design In A Flash - The Quick Prototype

You don’t have a photo of the building and it’s not visible on GoogleMaps? The quick prototype calculator will instantly calculate and provide the power of the planned PV system based on the available surface and taking into account the selected panel models. Thanks to this, in a few moments you will prepare a complete offer for the client with an analysis of the return on investment.