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“How To Design It…?”

Photovoltaic Installation For The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

1. Take a good photo or find the castle on Google Map.

As it was difficult to find on Google maps the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry hidden from the world, we decided to take a good photo. We did a few, using a drone and from the ground, to later decide which roof to use.

2. Select the roof on which you will design the panels.

We choose a photo showing the south roof and marked the design area.

3. Enter the dimensions of the selected rectangle.

In order not to enter all dimensions and angles, we only needed one rectangle. We knew the size of one roof tile and on this basis we entered the dimension of the selected rectangle.

4. Select the model of the panels, enter the roof angle and azimuth.

We were able to guesstimate the roof angle, as to the azimuth, we knew that it was the southern roof. We placed the panels in a vertical orientation.

5. Correct the proposed layout of the panels.

We removed a few panels and added a few to make their layout visually attractive.

6. Save the visualization, provide additional data and generate a complete concept with an offer for the customer.

The project was completed without the use of any magic spells. All it took was a good photo and the size of the one roof tile.

And on what building would you like to design a PV system? Let us know and our team will choose the most interesting and prepare for you new projects from the series ``How To Design It...?``