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Manage Your Company With EasySolar AI!

First CRM Dedicated To Solar Market

Manage Your Team Without Limits!

Invite sales reps and assign them to individual customers.

Be Calm About Clients Database!

Your traders have access only to their individually assigned customers.

Manage All Clients And Projects!

Use statuses, comments, extensive filtering, search engine, and much more.

Extensive Statistics To Easily Monitor The Results

Details Of The Work Of Your Entire Team

Find out who served how many clients, meetings, phone calls, prepared offers, and more, in the chosen time frame.

Statistics For The Entire Company And Individual

View the results of the entire team and individual traders. Now in one place, You can find details about the work of your entire company.

Sales Potential And Actual Results

View the potential and actual sales results in net / gross amounts, and converted into the power of the installation.

Artificial Intelligence Algorithms To Support PV Sales

Create The Most Effective Sales Model

The AI algorithms constantly analyze the work of your team and determine the most common and the most effective sales path in your company.

Compare Your Team's Work

Once you know the ideal sales model, you can motivate your team to achieve better results by e.g. contacting the customer two days after sending the offer or offering smaller discounts, because you know exactly how individual actions affect customer decisions.

Deep Analysis Of The Sales Process

Check and test how changing a given factor in the sales process affects conversion rates. In practice, you will learn when your sales reps should call customers, when to meet them and what is the deadline for sending an offer to achieve the effect of finalizing the sale.



Artificial Intelligence constantly analyzes the work of your team.



Your entire team, clients, and projects in one place - CRM for PV market.



Only You in the company have the access to the entire customers database.



Data and results of the entire team and company in one place.