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White Label Model – Custom Program For Producers & Distributors!

Your Company, Your

From the first launch of the application to the final offer, the entire program is tailored to the unique branding of your company. Ensure full professionalism by giving your employees a tool individually prepared and personalized for your company, containing your logo and your company's data not only in the generated offer, but also inside the program itself.

White Label Model is the app completely adapted to the branding of your company. Thanks to this model, you get your own internal software, which you manage personally and which you offer to your employees as a program of your company, as part of EasySolar.

In the minds of your employees, it will be the EasySolar app in a version prepared directly for your company - from the first launch, we will display your logo and data, and the generated PDF offer will be personalized by our team in accordance with your vision and branding.

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Your Program - Your Branding, Logos, Colors, Products, Templates, Statistics, Safety!

Increase the professionalism of your company by investing in a program fully and individually adapted to your company. We offer you a tool that, with your logos and tailored to your colors, will contain only the products you use, offer templates individually prepared by our graphic designers for your company and extensive statistics of your team. Additionally, everything is managed directly by you, thanks to which your and your customers' data will remain safe.

Unique Benefits Of White Label Model For Your Company

Program with your personal branding!

The app for the design, selection, analysis and valuation of photovoltaic installations in the individual branding of the company only with its own products.

Statistics to keep everything under control!

Extensive sales and work statistics of the entire team will help you better adjust component prices and make better decisions about inventory.

Increase attractiveness that will allow you to sell more!

The EasySolar app allows you to prepare very attractive visualizations and offers of PV installations. This will allow traders to sell more systems than today, which will translate into corporate sales.

Focus on what's important!

Work without worrying about updating, developing new functions, data security, language version or adapting the application to other markets. All this is handled of the highest standard by our team.

Bet on a well-trained team!

Within white label model you can also get training and design and offer support for your entire team. We can join forces here or implement the whole thing on our side.

Corporate offer layouts!

Generated offers prepared by installers, include the company logo and colors. Our team can prepare for your company several individual layouts of pdf offers (e.g. for business, agriculture, etc.)