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Solar sales: Positive tolerance

Positive tolerance is yet another advice to your plastomer which module to choose for their photovoltaic system. Each photovoltaic panel claims a specific Watt power. However, your customer should know that only modules with positive tolerance will generate at least as much power as being shown on technical data sheet, or in favourable conditions- even more.

Positive tolerance- good point!

Positive tolerance is always a good point to show to make your customers choose your product among others.

Modules are producing more and more power- records are beaten all the time. During energy conversion via PV system there will always occur several phenomena that will lead to power losses. It is important to minimize them.

One of the most important module parameters is their power tolerance that is well indicated on technical data sheet and examined during manufacturing process when panels are tested with flash test and sorted out based on their output capability.

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The actual Watt power that is purchased for a particular system can be therefore exactly the same, lower (underperformance) or in best cases higher (overperformance).

In example, if the customer buys 250 Wp +5/-0W panels, in the worst case they will get 250 Wp, in the best: 255 Wp from their modules!

However, if they buy panels with negative tolerance 250 Wp /-5W, many times they will get only 245 Wp from their 250 Wp modules. It really makes the difference if you sum up energy production per year.

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