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Free PV design software or expensive solutions?

When it comes to looking for specialist PV design software users usually start their research from open source and free PV design software. In many cases that software is way too simple and has too many bugs to be used by professional company. On the other hand, commercial software in most cases is very expensive and too complicated for new users.

Best compromise between free PV design software and commercial one?

Because of that dilemma EasySolar invented a unique solution. We created EasySolar app which is easy to use tool for creating PV customer proposals. Our app is able to generating detailed financial analysis, PV designs and predictions about energy production of PV systems. We also focused on usability and intuitiveness of our layout.
In the other hand, access to our tools is based on cheap subscription that costs only 20 EUR per month.

Subscription without limits

Nowadays, subscription instead expensive permanent license is going to be one of the most popular form of selling software. However in contrast to other companies we offer you subscription plan with unlimited number of projects that you can create in our app. This gives you opportunity to limitless experimenting with your projects without fear that you will lost your subscription earlier.

One account but many users

Because we understand that process of selling PV modules involving whole team of staff members we offer subscription plan for more than one user. For example in basic subscription plan we give access to our app for additional user for free. Moreover, those users can exchange and share their projects with each other. That makes our app even more handy and co-efficient. 

Many tools in one app

EasySolar app include many useful tools like irradiation calculator, PV panels visualizer, financial calculator or reference system comparing tool. Of course some of those tools you can find in free PV design software but thanks to EasySolar all of them will be in one place, waiting for your commands.

Software that you can make money on

Such attractive price of our software is totally incomparable with benefits that our solutions will give you. First of all you will be able to save a lot of time. Whole process of creating new PV project in our app will take you about 30 minutes. You will never be able to create similar project with typical office software or complicated specialised PV software which cost hundreds of Euros. What is more, you can use our software almost everywhere: on your android device, laptop or even your client’s computer.
All you need is to log in via your web browser or download app on your mobile device.

Next benefit that comes with EasySolar app is sales improvement. High resolution graphs and photos in combination with detailed financial analysis will guarantee better and more effective product presentation. We are sure that customers proposals generated with our tool will evidently increase your sales.
All those benefits proof that our software is the best solution for PV companies. Fast generating customer proposals and detailed financial analysis is something what PV sales representatives need.

 Try how easy is to create project with EasySolar app and design PV system on any object!