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Solar PV online drawing software

The main purpose of solar software is to facilitate preparation of solar project documentation as well as boost solar sales increasing attractiveness of customer proposal. The adequate tool will help you to reduce customer acquisition costs removing significant bottlenecks in sales.

Choosing the best software for you depends on your needs. One important part of PV customer proposal is a module layout. It can be done manually or by any drawing software but what could a solar PV online drawing software offer?

Module settings 

They are critical and need to include at least solar module inclination, orientation and portrait/landscape position. It’s also important that the software provides a quick preview to compare different layout scenarios.

EasySolar additionally offers automated inter-row distance option and number of modules in mounting structure position.

Visual aids

Depending on the software, the module layout can be presented in 2D, 3D, or both projections. The background used for solar projects is based on Google Maps in vast majority of softwares (Helioscope, QuickSolar). Depending on rooftype, quality of Google Maps and project location, this way can be an attractive design method or not.

EasySolar app apart from Google Maps, offers design method on sketch or image. It also gives possibility of 3D visualization in the latter case.

Easy layout

You can draw solar modules in many ways. In solar softwares, the most popular method is drag and drop solar modules (QuickSolar, Easy-PV softwares). This method can be quite slow when it comes to larger projects.

EasySolar app offers grid-based layout. Thanks to that the layout is automatic and adding more modules or removing them can be done with single clicks. Instead of modules, what can be dragged and dropped is the grid which speeds up the process of adjusting solar panels to the roof shape.

If you are interested in efficient customer proposal generation for your solar projects and module layout tool that is quick and easy, check EasySolar app.  
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