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Best PV system customer proposal – how should it look like ?

Designers and salesmen of PV systems often have problems with generating proper customer proposals. Good customer proposal should include many different elements like visualizations and financial analysis. In the other hand such proposal can take a lot of time and effort. It is very hard to create personalized customer proposal that include all necessary elements in a short amount of time but thanks to innovative software such EasySolar app it is possible.

Our software give you opportunity to create good-looking and what is more important effective customer proposal that include all necessary elements like:

1. Visualization of PV design

Professional project of your PV system will let your client to imagine how your PV modules will look on his roof. Thanks to that you will be able also to calculate risk of shading and how many PV modules you can fit on the roof. In EasySolar app you will be able to choose model of PV panels that you want to use, their color and their exact position on the roof.
EasySolar app give you possibility to create PV designs based on:

     Photo or Google StreetView

The most popular method of creating PV systems among EasySolar users. It is the best way to create high-quality visualization of small residential systems

     Google Maps

Great way to create project of big photovoltaic farms, thanks to them you will be able to easily measure dimensions of your area.

     Your own sketch

It is the fastest and the easiest way to create PV design. It is especially useful when you don’t have photo of your area and quality of Google Maps is not enough for you.

Thanks to so many possibilities you will be able to create PV designs no matter where your client lives and how many data about his location you collected.

2. Financial analysis

Even the best marketing strategy won’t work if you don’t proof cost-effectiveness of you products. Because of that you should include in your customer proposal:

     Support mechanism

That will give your client possibility to increase his incomes. Nowadays in most countries PV systems are still too expensive and require government support. Thanks to our app you can choose best support mechanism for your client and achieve the shortest payback time.


Proposition of a loan which in most investments is necessary. Most of your clients will not be able to pay cash so providing good loan for your clients is crucial element of finalizing sales process.

     Auto-consumption analysis

Such analysis will  show how much money your client can save thanks to photovoltaic system. It is necessery data to estimate for example short payback time.


Cost of the system is one of the most critical parameter of our investment. Good presentation of it will assure your client that he can afford to buy PV system from you.

3.  High-quality graphics

Good customers proposals must be colorful and include graphs and photos. It will be easier for your clients to understand all benefits of your PV solutions. For example in EasySolar app all important data like short payback time is highlighted by high-quality graphs and tables.

4. Environmental benefits

Some of the clients don’t care about cost-efficiency so much. They want to buy PV systems to save environment and express their wealthiness. Because of that it is good to include in your customer proposal also information about avoided CO2 and other dangerous gases like SOx and NOx. From now you will be able to explain how many

All those elements guarantee that your customer proposal will be efficient tool that will improve presentation of your product and increase your sales.
If you want to create proper customer proposals even in few minutes join to the group of our satisfied clients and test our app today!!!