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Best solar panels for your business

If you are just starting your solar business and you wonder which modules to offer, you may want to read our tips:

Solar panels price

You don’t want modules you sell to be too expensive, especially if we talk about early market where the price is still the main factor for your potential customers. The price of photovoltaic module depends on its power, physical size, brand, quality of materials, durability and any certifications the solar panel might have. Of course, if you have a warehouse, you can afford to buy modules cheaper per unit.

Solar panels manufacturing

There are three groups of PV manufacturers. The first tier accounts for 2% of the market and produces top quality products. These companies are vertically integrated, they invest heavily in R&D, they have advanced robotic processes and they manufacture modules for more than 5 years. They use the best grade of silicon to produce solar cells which means these modules perform best and have quite reasonable price.

The second group are small to medium manufacturers that don’t invest too much in R&D, use only partial robotics and manufacture from 2-5 years.

The third group (90%) encompasses new manufacturers that only assemble modules, there is definitely no investment in R&D, they use only manual soldering and manufacture for 1-2 years.

Choose modules from the first or second group to be sure they have good quality, offer attravtive price and are confident enough to give 25 year performance warranty on their products.

Solar panels performance under real conditions

In the past, the most important cost parameter of photovoltaic plants was a cost per Watt-peak, therefore modules had to produce as much power as possible under ideal conditions. This approach shifted into cost per kilowatt-hour due to transition into smart grid. Also when it comes to PV design.

Choose modules that give good results also after low-light performance test. Pay attention to choose modules with:

– positive tolerance

– lowest temperature coefficient

– highest conversion efficiency

– PID protection

– LID resistance

– Little EPBT

– Long warranty

– Polycrystalline technology

If you don’t know how to prepare the proposal for your customer have a look at some samples:

Selection of manufacturer or distributor

The location of your partner can be important- it will reflect on freight cost. It’s best to choose a company that has a service department to have this topic covered. Also, good contact with your partner and quick response counts in business relations.

To speed up your sales, try EasySolar app, software that will help you with quick PV design and proposal generation: