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Free Solar Panels Software

Most of PV apps are very expensive and for most small businesses totally uneconomic. Luckily there are few free solar panels software solutions that can give you possibility to create high quality PV projects totally for free.

Most popular free solar panels software on the market

One of such solutions is EasySolar mobile app. This is one of the first free professional tools for PV market. Thanks to this app you will be able to create PV designs and customer proposals on all your mobile devices with iOS and Android system. What is more in your projects based on EasySolar app you can use three different methods of creating PV designs (Google Maps, photo or sketch).
You can also use it to check azimuth, angle of the roof and shadowing.

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Unlimited number od projects

Most of PV apps nowadays gives you for free only short trial with limited number of projects. If that doesn’t suits you, EasySolar is something for you. In this app you will be able to create unlimited number of projects with no time limit.

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What about PCs and Macs?

EasySolar is also available on computers thanks to our online app. This solution gives you possibility to create your projects even easier and more comfortable. What is more in our online app you can create more customized proposals including your logo, color scheme etc.
In the opposition to mobile app our online software requires buying subscription plan. But don’t worry because it costs only 20 EUR per month so it is way much cheaper then other apps on the market.

Like you can see designing PV systems can be free and very easy to do. You just need to try new generation software that will give you possibility not only to save some money and time but also could increase your sales thanks to innovative tools.