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Smartflower – all-in-one photovoltaic system that follows the sun

With the fact that solar energy is not only rooftop systems and solar plants we have seen many times. Renewable energy sources gain more and more popularity through the whole world and the need for energy independence grows with each passing day. So it is no wonder that pv market grows at such fast pace and a solar power gains a wider circle of supporters. Every day around the world comes more and more solar systems, and scientists and engineers work on a new solutions and applications of photovoltaic panels.

One of the innovative solutions is the Smartflower – invention of the Austrian company Smartflower Energy Technology, which has already been appreciated by many European countries, and over 1000 of them have already been installed, including in the Botanical Gardens in Madrid.

And how does it work? The Smartflower starts to produce energy with the sunrise when the device expands its solar flakes with photovoltaic panels, of a total area of 18m2, and directs them toward the first rays of the morning sun. During the whole day Smartflower keeps track of the sun by changing the setting of the panels so that as much light as possible could light them. This allows for energy production up to 50% more efficiency than by a standard photovoltaic system. The Smartflower, depending on the region, can generate around 3400-6200kWh of electricity per year, which is enough to cover medium-sized European household energy needs. When the day is over, Smartflower rolls up his sunny flakes, and is ready to start working again the next day. In addition, the system has a lot of protections and when weather conditions are so bad that it could damage the panels, the system automatically rolls the flakes and expands them when the energy production is possible again. The producers have also not forgotten about the important aspect, which is design, and created several color versions of the Smartflower system, so that standing in the garden Smartflower can fit perfectly into the landscape.