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EASYSOLAR betrays the firmly kept secret of the company – works on the EasySolar Premium

Over half of a year ago, we started working on a completely new version of EasySolar Premium.

The new version of the software – web app and mobile apps, not only will be implemented in the new technology, but also by designing it completely from the first line of a code and drawing lessons and conclusions from the first version of EasySolar app, we could develop the fastest and the simplest available on a market app to design photovoltaic systems, preparing extensive sales offers, generating new customer-friendly financial analysis, and managing customer base.

We will keep you updated on the progress of works and bit by bit unveil new awesome features of EasySolar Premium.

The new version of the app available soon!

Meanwhile, see for yourself how powerful is EasySolar Premium and take a look at the project made in the new version of the app.