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Photovoltaics Masters Institute

Become The Master Of PV Systems Sales!

Regardless of whether your adventure in the PV systems market is just beginning, or you have been operating in the industry for several years, we have prepared a series of 13 practical lessons for you, thanks to which in the coming weeks you will receive knowledge on how to develop your team and increase your sales!

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Have You Ever Wondered Why Some People Are So Successful In The Same Field Where Others Fail?

With lessons from our industry experts, you will learn why some are extremely successful in the same field where others fail, and why changing one or more minor factors in the trading process can cause sales to skyrocket.

You will learn about the key factors contributing to a positive closing of the transaction and the obstacles that make the customer dissatisfied.

You will discover how important it is to properly prepare and effectively implement the best business model for your company, you will learn how to prepare it, and how to properly motivate your team to achieve the highest possible results.

You will learn how to manage a developing team and you will learn the secret of a well-prepared project and sales offer, so that they delight with professionalism.

Research shows that almost 80% of emotions in customers are caused by the sense of sight. A visually attractive PV system design increases your sales opportunities by up to 50%!

Currently, it is difficult to find industries in which complex Artificial Intelligence Algorithms are not used, if only for data analysis. In the market of photovoltaic systems, artificial intelligence has also already started a revolution.

After the end of the pandemic, 85% of consumers declare that they do not intend to reduce the frequency of e-shopping. Conducting the first meeting online speeds up the sales process several times!

Efficiency, convenience, security and control - that is, how important is a well-chosen CRM when the team starts to grow! A badly selected CRM can work to the detriment of the company, inhibiting its development and even generating losses!

When to call, when to send an offer and when to propose a meeting - the most effective sales techniques! There is no one proven technique for customer acquisition. But there is the best possible sales strategy for any company!

A well-prepared and implemented business model increases the conversion rate by up to 30%! Changing one or more minor factors in the trading process can result in a sharp increase in sales!

Sales in the company can increase by several dozen percent if each of the traders increases their conversion rate by about 30%! A good business model is not enough! teach your employees how to implement it in their daily work!

A well-designed pricing strategy is not about offering a lower price than the competition. It is a conscious and analyzed action based on many variables. Establishing a good pricing strategy is one of the key determinants of a successful sale.

The luxury goods market is not only growing faster and faster, it is also one of the most resilient markets to economic crises! Premium brands are much more wanted by consumers and chosen more and more often! All because of the quality guarantee!

What you will present to the client at the meeting is the basic factor influencing his choice of contractor! Even if the client seems interested during the meeting, the likelihood of choosing your company as a contractor is still slim.

One of the most surprising principles that a salesperson learns during many years of working with a client is the principle that all clients lie. Consumers want to feel comfortable and on an equal footing with traders when discussing the details of a PV system!

A well-prepared offer, both visually and technically, is the company's most important label! The offer provided to the client is a label of style and professionalism of your company! The more it is visually refined, the higher quality of services the company is associated with!

``I am convinced that the most breakthrough moment in my work was the decision to change the management, design and offer preparation tool!``

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