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New PV Design App

New PV design app was introduced by EasySolar. SpeedUp, Eastern European Venture Capital Group, invested in innovative project of creating software to design photovoltaic systems. New PV design  app developed by EasySolar is the first photovoltaic software that uses cloud technology. Why is that so important?

Available from everywhere but still safe

Taking advantage of cloud technology by the app means all projects are stored globally on server not on local devices like up to now. In brief, it means that these data are accessible from any place, provided there is  access to the Internet and adequate version of the app. Furthermore, the number of projects that can be saved in the app is almost unlimited.

This also means that projects can be designed from any place in the world. They can also be easily shared with chosen users, modified and managed. What’s important is that all data is safely stored and it is easy to recover lost data. There is better communication between installers and other professionals since they can access to their projects from all important platforms.

Available on many platforms

The app is available from any device we choose to use it from: smartphone, tablet, laptop. Thanks to the fact that EasySolar is a native app, it works more effectively and fluently on any platform: iOS, Android or Windows Phone. Since, popularity of different platforms depends on the region, EasySolar app is written in Java language for Android (the platform had almost 70% of the market in Q4 2013), Objective-C for iOS (biggest player in countries like Japan- the top rooftop installer) and also C# and XAML language for Windows Phone devices. Therefore, users of any device can enjoy using this app.

Created API is using JSON RPC standard; so data can be exchanged and synchronized easily between different platforms. It also means that every designer can use it on their favourite smartphone, even when just modifying projects he is sharing with users that use different phones. It is worth mentioning that EasySolar has also its web version written in php, html and mysql languages, which allows users to access it through www.

New PV design app: unique functionalities

It’s importat that the use of app is completely free. Extended version allows to generate the final, professional report. Meanwhile, user can enjoy some surprising functionalities that make a good use of gyroscope, GPS and camera in the phone for instance. Thanks to GPS function available in every smartphone, the app quickly finds the location to present irradiation data and other parameters for specific longitude.

The output data for the algorithm applied in the irradiation base is direct irradiation on horizontal plane for specific latitude and longitude. Horizontal, diffused and direct irradiation are provided by NASA resources. Irradiation analysis made by software is based on determining the correction coefficient that allows to calculate the actual amount of solar energy arriving to the module with specific orientation and inclination. Furthermore, including all energy losses due to actual module temperature, dirt, cables means that the simulation of output production is even more accurate.

The optimal azimuth and inclination can be verified easily thanks to gyroscope properties. The comparison between outputs from different configurations of pv plant has never been so easy and quick. The rooftop project can be designed even on the picture taken from the camera, therefore no maps or technical drawings needed at the preliminary level. Thanks to special algorithms, it does not matter from what angle the image was taken.

This was unachievable in any other pv software up to now. This also means that the project can be started right away, in-situ. The way the system will be distributed on the roof can be discussed with the customer, and then adapted to its needs. Any ground project can be performed on images, maps (easy access to Google Maps makes sure of that) or technical sketches. What is more the panel configuration can be sketched also with the drawing tool in the app.

Time and money savings

Quick modification, better communication and professional reports mean time and money savings. It is especially useful for people who work on the go. Also, it improves contact with the customer since it can be consulted with them anytime. Availability of full base of components allows to choose the most optimal solution for specific photovoltaic system and customer’s needs. Thanks to cloud technology all processes are performed on the side of the fastest servers and not on the devices itself that was making whole process slow in case of other softwares. Cloud technology have had a huge impact in IT industry up to now. It can also accelerate the development of solar energy, more than we think.

Free 3-month trial version of the app is expected to appear in mid-February, however subscription is already available at the developer website: http://easysolar.co