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Cloud technology has conquered IT, now it’s time for PV?

Photovoltaics market is driven by constant technological development.

Cloud technology in photovoltaics

Easysolar is an application for photovoltaics that uses cloud technology. The concept of cloud has already created huge progress in businesses, mostly in informatic technology and now it can conquer renewables sector too. In general, applying cloud technology allows to store specific data on hosted servers. Whats does it mean for photovoltaics? The application allows to perform quick dimensioning of solar plant in-situ on any device, for example smart phone or tablet. The project can be instantly shared and this speeds up the communication.

EasySolar app – tools

Any pv project can be sketched or projected on maps that are available in the application. Another solution is to present the installation on images, even taken by the same smart phone where we start the designing proces. There are irradiation and equipment bases dprovided this it os possible to calculate the overall output from the photovoltaic plant including all system losses with any equipment.

Solar project management

What is really important is that projects at different stage can be easily grouped in the application and manager in a simple manner. At the end it is possible to generate the report and share it with partners or customers. What is more, the application introduces new surprising solutions that have never appeared in context of photovoltaics before.

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