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EasySolar app – WHAT’S NEW

Thanks to our users, recently we have introduced a lot of improvements to our software. Check what’s new.

 App optimization

Thanks to app code optimization, now EasySolar app works much quicker and it takes much less time to design and prepare customized customer proposals.

Full technical support

We introduced a professional customer support. Our team of qualified engineers is at your disposal:

Mobile: +48 570 620 200

E-mail: app@easysolar-app.com


What’s more, every Thursday at 10.00 o’clock CET you can take part in our free webinar.Just contact us earlier to check the availability of places.

Video instructions and tips inside the app

Now if you have any doubts, apart from our tech support, we inserted video tutorials and tips inside the app. You will find them under icon.

What’s more, all video tutorials can be watched on our youtube channel.


Customer proposal – what’s new

The customer proposal was significantly improved. What’s more, soon we will also introduce you a new, more business-looking project documentation. Pre-launch sneek peek:

Removing bugs from financial analysis

The bugs that used to appear in financial analysis are already removed. Thanks to that, no matter which support mechanism you choose, you can calculate PV system income and savings.

Design on photo function

Thanks to design on photo activation, finally it is easy to prepare attractive 3D vusialisations for pitched rooftops. It’s just perfect for prosumer micoinstallations design!


Improved browser compatibility

Thanks to you messages, we improved a compatibility between web app and browsers. Recommended browsers are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

Easier payment method

We activated easy PayPal payment method. You can also pay via traditional bank transfer contacting us first. For beginners, we activated a 3-month refund guarantee.

Have you already bought EasySolar app?

You can be sure that after extending you subscription plan we will implement a lot of improvements that will make your work even better.

Are you thinking of purchasing EasySolar app?

We can guarantee you a better way of working. Subscription plans are available from 20 euros a month with a 3-month refund guarantee. Register here.

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